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Our Client Satisfaction Interview Program

Diamond D has a formal client satisfaction interview program in place. Staff who were not involved in the project meet with our clients after it is completed and ask them to rate Diamond D's performance with a rating from "1" to "5", with "1" representing a low level of satisfaction and "5" meaning outstanding performance. Ratings are based on criteria including: safety, quality, communication, attitude, technical competence, responsiveness, cleanliness, submittals/record-keeping and invoicing.

For all projects completed in 2007, our average score was 4.55, indicating a high level of client satisfaction.

Performance Criteria 5 4 3 2 1
Safety: Jobsite environment is safe and work is being performed in a safe manner          
Quality: Constructed project elements meet needs and expectations          
Communication: Maintain effective and up-to date communication          
Attitude: Non-confrontational problem solving approach to resolve conflicts or address concerns          
Technical Competence: Skills, expertise and innovation shown by Superintendent, operators and crew          
Responsiveness: Respond to concerns and make changes as necessary          
Cleanliness: Jobsite is neat, clean and free of excess garbage or debris          
Submittals /Record Keeping: Project on-site documentation is complete, organized and up- to-date          
Invoicing: Invoices are complete, timely and easily understood          

5 Oustanding
4 Highly Satisfied
3 Satisfied
2 Dissatisfied
1 Highly Dissatisfied

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